Does Everyone Write the Same First Post?

Is this the place where I write the classic “Here’s-Why-I’m-Writing-a-Blog” post? You betcha.

Reason #1 – Everyone else is doing it. Since venturing into the realm of Twitter, I’ve noticed that almost everyone I follow has some kind of professional blog. That being said, I’m not doing it to fit in; rather, I always hear others extolling the virtues of having a professional blog. That’s what I’m most interested in.

Reason #2 – A chance to reflect. Among the many positives I’ve heard discussed is that a blog gives you the chance to reflect meaningfully on lessons you teach, books you read, and other experiences connected to education. Writing about my thinking will help me synthesize, and having a record of this will help me see how my thinking is evolving a changing.

Reason #3 – Remembering stuff – How many great ideas have you heard and promptly forgotten? Then, when you hear the idea again, you think, “Oh yeah…I remember that…Why didn’t I do that?” I am an expert at forgetting stuff. Sometimes I even forget entire lessons that worked brilliantly. Keeping this history in a blog will give me a chance to go back and remind myself what worked (and what didn’t…).

Starting a blog also scares me. Here’s why:

#1 – I might fail to keep it current. This is my biggest fear. I worry I’ll post a lot over the summer and then stop when school starts, creating this piece of blog-debris floating aimlessly in cyberspace.

#2 – I worry I’ll just rehash other stuff I’ve read. I read a lot of educational articles via Twitter, and I don’t want to accidentally plagiarize and make someone mad at me. I will make it a focus of mine to give credit to others’ ideas.

#3 – I need to separate the goal this blog from the goal of my classroom blog. I can see certain topics working for both blogs, but most of the content would be different. I don’t quite know yet how this will work.

There you go – the “first post” is done. Thanks for reading. Let’s see how this goes.


About mrwhitehb

I teach 4th grade and am the chair of the Young Hoosier Book Award Committee for grades 4-6.

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