Five GMail Tricks I Enjoy

If you’re a Gmail wizard, these might not be new to you, but some of my colleagues showed me some cool features hidden in Gmail. I hope there’s one here you can use.

1. Default to Full-Screen For New Emails

Some people love having their new emails in the lower right-hand corner. Others want to see it full screen. You do not have to expand an email every time after you set full screen as your default. Just click the triangle in the lower right of your email you are composing and select “Default to full screen.”


2. Sorting Out Social Website Emails and Promotional Emails

If you don’t like emails from Facebook and emails about 50% off sales cluttering your inbox, you can have Gmail sort these out for you. Just click the settings gear (I’ve heard it called a cog, but it looks like a gear) in the upper right of the screen. Then click “Configure Inbox” and set it up how you like.


3. Advanced Search Tools

I no longer file any emails. I know this is blasphemy for some of you, but the searching on Gmail is just too easy. If your basic search doesn’t get you want you want, you can click the triangle at the end of the search bar to refine your search in too many ways to describe.


4. Creating a Filter Based on Your Search

If you use the advancing searching abilities, you might be interested in creating a filter based on your results. Maybe you want all messages from your wife to be marked as important. Maybe you want every email with the word “anchovies” in it to be deleted. The possibilities are endless. Once you are in the search box drop-down menu described in #3, type in what you are searching for, and then click “Create filter with this search.” Then, design your filter as you wish.


5. Labs!

Labs are awesome. You can add these fantastic features to your inbox. Included in my labs menu was a place to undo sending a message, a way to move the chat over the the right side, and a widget that added my Google Calendar to my inbox. Very cool and fun to explore!


Good luck customizing your inbox!


About mrwhitehb

I teach 4th grade and am the chair of the Young Hoosier Book Award Committee for grades 4-6.

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