Six Classroom Jobs You Haven’t Assigned to Students Yet…But Should

You have your paper-passers and a student who takes the attendance to the office. You have your lunch count helper and your class librarian. You even have someone assigned to hold the door on the way out to recess. They make life easier.

But why stop there? Here are six jobs you can assign to students to help your classroom run smoothly.

Game Caretaker – Do your students bring you wayward checkers, mancala pieces, and playing cards at the end of inside recess? Is your game cabinet a disaster? No longer! The Game Caretaker solves all these problems. When lost pieces are turned in, I just redirect them to the Game Caretaker who knows exactly where they all go.

The Caboose – The caboose is always at the end of the line. I don’t use this job every year, but some years it is very valuable. This job can go to a student who needs more personal space. It’s also ideal for a student who has trouble remembering to face forward in line since there’s nobody behind them to look at. The Caboose can also take care of closing the door if needed on the way into the classroom.

Math Materials Keeper – You probably have all sorts of math materials you use throughout the year. Base ten blocks, fraction circles, protractors, and all the others can be a headache. Instead, at the beginning of the year, show a student where these are kept. This student then becomes the distributor and collector of all these materials, saving you time and hassle.

Computer Plugger – This is one I made up, and it is my favorite to recommend. If your students have any access to portable devices, they must be plugged in after use or at the end of the day. Having students line up to plug in their device can create a huge, noisy logjam as each student tries to find the right cord. Instead, teach all the students to just slide their device in the correct slot and move out of the way. At the end, send the Computer Plugger to plug in all the devices. This student can also let you know if any devices are missing. You’ll love this one!

The Sub – The sub’s job is to know how to do every job in the classroom. When a student is absent, the sub does that job. This way, students won’t be clamoring about who gets to do that job.

Oddjob – Yes, you can call this job Oddjob…the kids won’t catch on to the James Bond reference. This student, who should be one of your most organized, diligent students, takes care of any small jobs you need. You might need a set of papers checked off or something carefully filed. Oddjob loves to work, and you will have more time.


Hopefully you can use one or more of these ideas to help your classroom run like a well-oiled machine. Have a great school year!



About mrwhitehb

I teach 4th grade and am the chair of the Young Hoosier Book Award Committee for grades 4-6.

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